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Should your business solutions call for an immediate short or longer term need, S.I. Inc. offers three traditional staffing services.

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Find the right person to support your business needs.

Sharpened Image, Inc. is your strategic staffing provider. We provide contract labor nationwide and are ready to assist you in your hiring needs. We have successfully filled more than 5,000 engagements and placed more than 12,000 professional workers.

We have specialized, local and remote recruiters to assist you in filling your short term or long term staffing needs. Our recruits are unrestricted by geographic region and reach allows us to source, find and screen qualified candidates quickly to meet your growing and changing business needs. 

Call us today to personalize your hiring needs: 908-349-8403. 

Have short term staffing needs?

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing allows company's to meet urgent short term business goals. By utilizing contractors or temporary workforce's, company's:

  1. Save time and money

  2. Add flexibility to staffing levels

  3. Eliminate payroll taxes and other employer expenses

  4. Reduce risk exposure. 

Not quite ready to make a hiring decision?

Temp-to-perm Staffing 

Temp-to-perm staffing solutions allows company's to evaluate the performance of workers prior to extending offers for permanency. Temp to hire opportunities give both the employer and candidates an opportunity to:

1.) evaluate competency level as it relates to the position, 

2.) evaluate and explore the fit to the businesses organizational culture, 

3.) make sound and qualitative hiring and employment decisions. 

Looking for a long term hiring solution?

Permanent Staffing

Sharpened Image, Inc. specializes in finding the perfect match for high growth organizations. We offer the best candidates choices, focusing on those candidates who are committed and skilled. We negotiate salary and help to quickly onboard your new hire. We conduct preliminary background screenings on new permanent hires.   

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1.) We recruit from all available (traditional and non traditional) platforms affording us to tap into talent that is not readily available in the job market.

2.) We market your requirements and match them to your specific hiring needs.

3.) We schedule and set up your interviews with our candidates and ensure they meet your expectations.

4.) We offer a variety of interview options to include: SKYPE, Zoom and Video based interviews strategies. 

5.) We offer skill and competency based simulations and testing assessments.

6.) We provide comprehensive background testing to include drug and fingerprinting testing, education and references. 


20 Years of Combined Experience Placing Professional People 

Let Us Help You Fill That Seat. 

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