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OUR Story

A History of Growth, Development and Change

it's really that simple: 

We've always been about people.

About Us

Sharpened Image, Inc. is a high growth human resource management and human capital staffing firm. Over the years, Sharpened Image, Inc. quickly established itself as a premier staffing provider, specializing in providing contract labor in more than 20 industry spaces for private and public sector organizations across the U.S. We efficiently help our clients meet short and long term staffing and HR management goals to meet the growing demands of the workplace.

Proudly having served over 10,000 candidates and 100 leading organizations , we are committed to providing the best in staffing services to:

  • Nonprofits

  • Private Companies

  • City, State and Government organizations



Our mission is to bring the workforce and workplace together to meet the growing demands and needs of our clients. By doing so, we seek to bridge the gaps in workplace shortages and productivity by promoting and enhancing diversity in the workplace with professionals that fit and support hiring needs.

Image by Mauricio Artieda

Our 7 Pillar Business 


Sharpened Image, Inc. has a 7 Pillar Business Philosophy that demonstrates our core values as a business partner and employer of choice. 


Our values are the corner stone of our business practices and are instrumental in our ability to fulfill our organizational goals to provide exceptional service to both our clients and employees. The 7 Core Values is our commitment to ensuring that both our clients and employees experience the very best service in doing business with us. 

  1. We operate with integrity and respect.

  2. We appreciate and honor diversity and inclusion.

  3. We are customer centered and focused.

  4. We embrace a culture of innovation and technology to drive business forward.

  5. We hold ourselves accountable for results.

  6. We have a commitment to a high level of direct, open and honest communication.

  7. We have a passion for growth, develop and change. 

 Connect, Partner and Growth with Us. 

Discover new and creative ways of finding and hiring talent to meet your business goals. 
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