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Staffing solutions

With more than 20 years of industry experience, we understand the real value of the human asset and work with our clients to employ state-of-the art human resource management practices as a part of their staffing strategy.

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Sharpened Image, Inc. is always seeking companies who are willing to provide us with a platform to display our services company wide and contractually based. Our unique, customizable and personal staffing solutions aim to assist our clients not only with staffing objectives but:

  • strategic contract planning;

  • risk control and assurance;

  • contract labor performance management; and,

  • management of employee separation issues.

When choosing a service provider, keep in mind that a successful staffing solution must include a reliable strategic partner who deliver's incomparable services and value.

Unlike traditional employment and staffing agencies, we works with our clients to build a comprehensive strategic human resource management plan that precisely fit organizational and contract needs.  We are  your strategic staffing provider. We provide contract labor nationwide and are ready to assist you in your hiring needs. We have successfully filled more than 5,000 engagements and placed more than 12,000 professional workers.

We have specialized, local and remote recruiters to assist you in filling your short term or long term staffing needs. Our recruits are unrestricted by geographic region and reach allows us to source, find and screen qualified candidates quickly to meet your growing and changing business needs. 

temporary staffing Solutions

We specialize in offering dynamic staffing solutions for your changing workplace demands. Temporary staffing allows company's to meet urgent short term business goals. By utilizing contractors or temporary workforce's, company's:

  1. Save time and money

  2. Add flexibility to staffing levels

  3. Eliminate payroll taxes and other employer expenses

  4. Reduce risk exposure. 

Temp to Perm Staffing Solutions

Temp-to-perm staffing solutions allows company's to evaluate the performance of workers prior to extending offers for permanency. Temp to hire opportunities give both the employer and candidates an opportunity to:

1.) evaluate competency level as it relates to the position, 

2.) evaluate and explore the fit to the businesses organizational culture, 

3.) make sound and qualitative hiring and employment decisions. 

permanent staffing solutions

We specializes in finding the perfect match for high growth organizations. We offer the best candidates choices, focusing on those candidates who are committed and skilled. We negotiate salary and help to quickly onboard your new hire. We conduct preliminary background screenings on new permanent hires.  


We will match qualified candidates that meet or exceed permanent placement requirements. Upon selection and prior to hire, candidates are pre-screened, interviewed, tested (if applicable), and referenced checked. Every permanent placement is backed by S.I., Inc. guarantee.  

industries we serve

For the past decade, we have placed countless individuals into career focused position in a variety of industry spaces across the US. We are committed to placing professional, skilled, talented, and knowledgeable work forces in forward thinking and innovative industries. 

We has a proven track record of providing skilled professionals in a variety of industry spaces. Using our talent matching platform and innovative recruitment tools, we have placed thousands of temporary contract labor with clients across the U.S. We focus our efforts on finding talent that will improve workplace productivity

Explore Our Areas of Expertise


We help financial services meet their obligations to their customers by providing qualified, talented and specialized banking, insurance, and accounting personnel. We work with our financial services partners to attract and hire the best in class financial professionals for consulting, project based and direct placement projects.   


We provide an array of human capital solutions to public sector organizations to support short- and long-term staffing objectives. We help our public sector business partners locate talent that are vital in maintaining efficiency within all business groups.


We provide legal professionals and corporate law offices with an array of legal staffing support to support their private practices to a temporary or temp to hire basis.   


Since inception, we have work with our nonprofit partners of all scopes and sizes to find and hire both contract and permanent personnel to meet their business objectives. We provide cost effective human capital resources in the areas of administrative, accounting and management capacities.


We work with technology driven environments to source and hire talent across all spectrum's of information technology, including but not limited to software development, infrastructure, design, networking and programming.  

Transportation and logistics

Transportation and logistics is a vital part of the economy. For the past sixteen years, we have been working in partnership with transportation and logistics firms to find and hire professionals that are just as unique and specialized as the industry itself.  With our support, clients are able to quickly meet short- and long-term contracting goals and meet business deliverables.

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